In high school, I dabbled in poetry for an English assignment. Until later years, I never gave writing much thought. As a response to stress after the birth of my fourth child, I began journaling poetry and creative works. When my son was a baby, I wrote a poem titled Here I Am. Through the years, I made revisions to it, including adding illustrations. In 2015, I published the poetry as a children's book, and it immediately won the Mom's Choice Award®. Later, I learned of many published and unpublished writers throughout my extended family. 

My writing roots


My style 

Of the four types of writing styles, I tend to follow a narrative format in everything I write. For children's books, my stories embellish real-life scenarios. In 2017, I published an autobiographical memoir, which is being considered for a screenplay. This memoir piggybacks my worldwide campaigns against institutional abuse, family violence, and bullying. 

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